About HemoVigil :

Public authorities and transfusion medicine are highly concerned by the transfusion Security. KBS created and developed HEMOVIGIL, an intelligent active electronic tag capable of measuring and recording continuously the temperature of labile blood products , from the donor to the final transfusion.
HEMOVIGIL memorizes all the informations related to the blood taken from the donor, its preparation and conservation in the blood bag.This state of the art tracer provides to the practitioner a quality transfusionnal therapy.

By default, HEMOVIGIL monitors the standard parameters required by the legislations concerning the conservation and the transportation of blood bags as prescribes in the Journal Officiel (France), 2004/33/CE and the Guide of good transfusional practices.

HEMOVIGIL continuously indicates the state of conservation of the blood bags thanks to flashing LEDS and without any external device.

The HEMOVIGIL operating system enables the storage of digital informations such as ean-code, transport documents, images, fingerprints, security codes.

The IrDA version of the HEMOVIGIL can be activated by a Pocket PC or a table reader. The collected informations can be introduced into a SQL database through the HTML graphical interface. The traceability informations are generated as pdf files.

The HEMOVIGIL tracer is a real concentrate of technologies, including a high level of technicity, associated with well adapted strategic choices, and providing the most accurate metrological security and stability in the time.
Its internal power of calculation gives him characteristics of analyse, of recording and of transfer unmatched at this day for this kind of product.