The Red Cell Preparations Algoritm :

The life cycle of a blood sample is characterised by these phases : a cooling phase from 38°C to 2-6°C within maximum 24 hours, a storage phase of maximum 41 days (in France) at 2-6°C and a distribution phase where the blood is gradually warmed up from 2-6°C to 24°C within maximum 6 hours
When the proper conditions are fulfilled, the HEMOVIGIL will display a green flashing light, while a red light will be activated when the recommended temperature and time ranges will not be respected.

Pratically, the HEMOVIGIL sticker will be placed on a bag at the moment blood is taken from the donor. Its activation is done by a Pocket PC or an IrDA table interface (all the other starting interventions of the different stages will take place in the same way).
All data concerning the preparation and the processing of the bags are registered in the memory of the HEMOVIGIL.

At the moment the temperature reaches 6°C, the tracer switched automatically in the conservation stage. Inside this conservation stage, one or more transportation stages are possible. The times of departure and arrival will be recorded.

After the conservation and transportation stages starts the distribution stage, limited to 6 hours and including an automatic programmation for the warm-up of the blood to maximum 24 °C.

Inside the distribution stage is included the effective transfusion. Its time will be recorded together with the numeric informations about the receiver, coming from an internal database.

After the transfusion, HEMOVIGIL's memory will be downloaded by IrDA and introduced on the web through WIFI or GPRS into an SQL database.

A stage of reintegration of the bag is included in the HEMOVIGIL allowing, under control and particular validation, to a bag which LED is flashing in red, to be put back again in the circuit . In this case the orange LED will be flashing.

The biologic data of traceability relative to the contents of the blood bag (taking, laboratory, treatment and qualification) are integrated into HemoVigil in the same way as parameters of calibration of the tracer.


The Patelet Preparations Algoritm :

Presented algorithm is that of the conservation of plaques. Conservation makes in an environment betwteen 20 and 24°C during at most 5 days. As long as one will stay in this state, there will be a blinking of diode green on Hemovigil. In case of overtaking in temperature or in time, red diode will begin then flashing.



The Granulocytes Algoritm :

In the same way as algorithms plaquettes described above, conservation makes in an unique phase between 20 and 24°C. The time of conservation is 24 hours.